Mortage Planning

mortgage planning

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Mortgage Delivery Guy offers a proprietary process which allows you to integrate your long and short term financing goals by leveraging banks money efficiently. Whether this is your first mortgage or 5th mortgage, mortgage delivery guy’s 5 year mortgage planning...



Rental Property Mortgages

Rental Property Mortgages

Invest and make money!

If you are a rental property investor or prospective investor, you need to know at least following 2 facts about rental property mortgages:

1. Only 4% of elite Canadian households invest in rental properties

2. Most Canadian mortgage fraud is committed by real estate investors

Credit Re-Establishing!

Credit Re-Establishing!

You Have Options

So... feeling sorry for yourself? In today's economic state many end up with credit problems. Continue reading to discover how Mortgage Delivery Guy’s Mortgage Services can help you with your credit situation:

Mark Stallion is a 29 year old university graduate and Mississauga resident that lost his job as a bar man.


Best Home Mortgages

Every home buyer wants the best mortgage . Every bank/ lender claims to have the best mortgage . However, in your opinion what makes your home mortgage the best?

  1. Is it the mortgage rate?
  2. Is it the banks brand?
  3. Is it the mortgage agent broker who works on your file to get your mortgage approved?

Independent survey shows that Majority home mortgage shopper’s sign up for 5 years fix rate mortgages. Out of which 75% break the mortgage within first 3 years and end up paying heavy penalties.

  • Who is responsible for your losses?
  • Do you understand all the terms and conditions on your mortgage commitment?

Browse our site and discover more, what criterions make a best home mortgage & how to become mortgage free quicker by leveraging your time & banks money efficiently.

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