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Mortgage Delivery Guy & team helps Ontario residents with real estate mortgages. Beside preparing the quality content we help you Leverage your Time & Banks Efficiently to Be Mortgage Free Quicker! Connect with Ontario licensed Mortgage Planners via 1-800-808-1613 for professional & effective Mortgage Planning & Credit Repair services


Parmjit's services are out of this world. Paramjit is Punctual, Professional, honest, Respond quickly, Reliable. I would like to recomend all of his services.



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Overview: Mortgage Delivery Guy Paramjit S. Girn

Mortgage Delivery Guy offers customized mortgage planning that adopts the long view in leveraging the bank’s money. Whether you are self employed or a family struggling to gain a foothold, you deserve to know your full range of options, and that includes access to broker channel lenders. I specialize in mortgage and non-mortgage solutions for those with poor credit, advice on the smart acquisition for real estate investors and seasoned strategies on navigating a hype-ridden jungle. Smart debt consolidation and preparation for unforeseen circumstances is my priority in enabling an expeditious, mortgage-free status for all my clients, irrespective of interest rates...

Why a Mortgage Agent?

The simple explanation is that banks take cookie-cutter approaches to something that is a major life decision for most people. Contrary to much of the marketing hype, their focus is not on your best interests but on what will make them the most money. They are a profit-driven and will go to great lengths to get that coveted signature, roping you into contracts with hefty penalties. To learn more, please see my What You May Not Know page.

A good mortgage agent will protect you from unforeseen costs while taking the long view with regards to credit and debt consolidation. Banks are transactional while peddling the misguided notion that low interest rates should be the primary focus; as a result, this is what prospective home owners tend to fixate on. But there are many other factors that impact the livelihood of any family or business, and a broker will help you think them through. In other words, we do a lot more for you than a bank.


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About Us Looking for a mortgage expert that stands out from the crowd? Everything about the Mortgage Delivery Guy
about us
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