Author: Paramjit S. Girn

paramjit s. girn

Mortgage Delivery Guy & team helps Ontario residents with real estate mortgages. Beside preparing the quality content we help you Leverage your Time & Banks Efficiently to Be Mortgage Free Quicker! Connect with Ontario licensed Mortgage Planners via 1-800-808-1613 for professional & effective Mortgage Planning & Credit Repair services


Parmjit's services are out of this world. Paramjit is Punctual, Professional, honest, Respond quickly, Reliable. I would like to recomend all of his services.



Meet Mortgage Advisor

Mortgage Strategy Session with Mortgage Advisor

A strategy session with mortgage advisor is a free, no-obligation consultation I offer to prospective clients in promoting a better understanding of the system they are dealing with. Too many hopeful homeowners sign agreements that cost them far more in the long run than they had originally anticipated, in large part due to fallacies propagated by marketing. In this strategy session, I will assist you in deciphering what information is sound and what is deceptive.

A strategy session with mortgage advisor is helpful in other ways, with the primary goal being to enable smart leverage of your time and money. Together we can discuss anything you may need, from short and long term goals to remortgaging your property to credit or debt planning. We cover factors that influence the mortgage rates you get. And perhaps more important than anything else we discuss how to increase your credit score. Whether you are a newcomer or a native to Canada, I will devise a strategy for you that will maximize your return on investment and get you the best possible rates for your situation.



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