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paramjit s. girn

Mortgage Delivery Guy & team helps Ontario residents with real estate mortgages. Beside preparing the quality content we help you Leverage your Time & Banks Efficiently to Be Mortgage Free Quicker! Connect with Ontario licensed Mortgage Planners via 1-800-808-1613 for professional & effective Mortgage Planning & Credit Repair services


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My Approach - One Mortgage Lender at a Time

My Approach - Why I am Different

I offer a personalized, boutique-style approach in a hype-ridden industry catered to mass appeal. I am interested in a long term relationship with my clients, many of which are vulnerable and disadvantaged, and I find deep satisfaction in helping others to prevent financial disaster, homelessness or poor quality of life burdened by debt. I believe in consumer education and I take my time in understanding your motivations and values in strategy sessions. My service is no-nonsense and free of gimmicks: I keep it simple, and always provide transparency with regard to my process.


Many mortgage brokers will contribute to misguided notions peddled by the financial industry by focusing on low interest rates, funneling your application to multiple lenders while hoping for the best. By contrast, I work meticulously to match you with lenders who appreciate your unique position to save you time and increase your prospects. My strategy is to scout out and screen individual lenders who align with your needs and goals to maximize your position. I don’t shoot in the dark. My process is precise and I approach one mortgage lender at a time.

Another way I stand apart is with regular status updates. Unfortunately it is common for prospective home owners to be left suspended, uncertain as to the status of their file for long periods while agents tend to other business. My promise to you is a status update every 48 hours.

I work in consultation with a large team of savvy real estate experts in helping you to understand and navigate a system that is by most accounts overwhelming. I am committed to empowering you with choices and will help you to avoid the interest-rate trap. For those interested in acquiring more then two residential properties, I am well qualified to assist with investor mortgages as well. I also offer non-mortgage related services for those looking to own or save their home.

What You May Not Know

By far the most talked-about topic in real estate is interest rates – yet they have the least impact on your bottom line. Despite this, big banks trumpet low interest rates in their ongoing fight to get mortgage business, perpetuating the misconception that this will save you money. But there is a much bigger picture involved that banks have no interest in, and it’s a picture that’s crucial to a decent quality of life.

It’s easy to be influenced by mortgage rate hype, but it’s a trap. Banks nowadays don’t make money on interest – they make money on penalties, the fine print obscured by all that marketing. Don’t be tricked. The carrot dangling in front of you is a distraction. Unbeknownst to the prospective home owner, even the most minor violating of contract terms can lead to high penalties, which are calculated differently through a bank than they would be with monoline lenders. Liens are much more restrictive. And the unfortunate truth is that many don’t realize this until it is too late.

Let’s say that you have a mortgage for $100,000 and a 2.99% interest rate. Do you know how much of a difference an increase or decrease of 1% makes on your monthly payment? Only about $55 per month! Abandoning the fixation on low rates will broaden your perspective and brighten your future.

People think a long and fruitful relationship with their bank will earn them favor, granting exceptions to borderline profiles or offering better deals. It’s a misconception, and I’ve heard countless stories that testify to this grim fact. Going through a broker you trust will open the door to many options you never otherwise considered, and grant you the protection you are entitled to.



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