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Welcome! Besides preparing quality content, we help Mississauga, Brampton and GTA residents leverage their time and banks money efficiently to make them mortgage free quicker. Having said that, allow me to invite you to meet our licensed mortgage broker expert for an eye opening, no obligation session. Everyone who attends it, loves it. We are almost certain you will too. Don’t forget to down load your mortgage calculator app before you leave today.

Triad Of Mortgage Delivery Guy- Mortgage Agent Brokers

Triad which makes Mortgage Delivery Guy stand out:

  1. A propriety method to reject lender
  2. The power of smart positioning
  3. The paradox of mortgage interest rates
Triad of Mortgage Delivery Guy

Proprietary method to reject lenders offering mortgages before they reject you!

Research shows Canadian home buyers still struggle when choosing the right agent, let alone lender for themselves.

With so much information out there, it is tough for you to decipher what information is good advice. This mountain of information causes mortgage seekers suffer from so called “Information overload syndrome” (IOS). Many people end up signing a agreements which costs them a lot more than what they initially thought.

We follow a proprietary process to reject lenders and offer your mortgage business to lenders who are willing to align with your needs and expectations. As a result, we create highly customized mortgage solutions that allow you to leverage your most expensive commodity – YOUR TIME.

To learn more about our proprietary method, contact us now for a No Fee Mortgage Strategy Session

Experience the power of smart positioning

For the majority of first time home buyers, their quest for the best mortgages starts with speaking to a family member or friend who knows a mortgage agent. Eager home buyers or even remortgaging home owners have a tendency to quickly fill out mortgage applications and send it multiple lenders in hopes of getting their mortgage approved.

In most cases, confused and desperate prospective home owners accept the first approval presented to them even though it may not be the best for the client.

Desperation leads to devastation!

As part of our Mortgage PMS strategy, all mortgage files are run through a unique lender qualifying process by our mortgage agents. Once a lender is qualified, your mortgage application is presented to them one at a time. Contact us to learn more about our Mortgage PMS strategy and smart positioning.

Still not sure? Check below;

  • Even if every lender rejects your file, we can still get you into your dream home
  • We reject lenders based on what products fit your needs

We don’t send your file to multiple lenders and hope something works; instead, we work on your case meticulously to match individual lenders for you.

Discover the Paradox of Mortgage Interest rate When it comes to mortgages, Interest rates are the most asked about topic, but they have the least impact on your bottom line!

Consider this example:

Let’s say that you have a mortgage for $100,000 and a 2.99% interest rate. Do you know how much of a difference an increase of 1% makes on your monthly payment? ONLY about $50 per month! That’s it! – The truth is that there is much more to your mortgages than the interest rate you pay!

Research shows that the most common questions mortgage agents receive is about mortgage interest rates. When probed further, it was also discovered that the majority of people did not know what else to ask about mortgages and viable mortgage products.

We as a team has developed and mastered strategies which allow you to become mortgage free quicker irrespective of what interest you pay.

Don’t forget to fill out the quick form and one of our licensed mortgage agents will be happy sit down with you to discuss your mortgage options.