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Paramjit S. Girn

Welcome! Besides preparing quality content, we help Ontario residents leverage their time and banks money efficiently to make them mortgage free quicker. Having said that, allow me to invite you to meet our licensed mortgage expert for an eye opening, no obligation mortgage strategy session. Everyone who attends it, loves it. We are almost certain you will too.

About Paramjit S. Girn


Paramjit S. Girn is not your typical mortgage agent. A specialist in Business for Self Mortgages, he offers products specifically designed for freelancers, independent contractors and the self employed, as well as families struggling to find a foothold in modern society. His dedication to consumer awareness and transparency allow a more tailored approach in weeding through the hype-ridden real estate jungle.

This commitment is evidenced in a backstory reflective of grassroots values. His entry into the field was inspired by a meeting with the Real Estate Investment Network Group in 2007 – interesting people with investments who practice what they preach rather than merely posing as real estate gurus. The experience radically altered his thinking on how to invest and from there he formed his own niche, building on a passion for no-nonsense strategies. For three years he focused in rent-to-own lease options and joint ventures, helping families to find non-mortgage solutions to owning or saving a home. In 2010 he obtained his FSCO license and branched out into mortgage planning.

Another way I stand apart is with regular status updates. Unfortunately it is common for prospective home owners to be left suspended, uncertain as to the status of their file for long periods while agents tend to other business. My promise to you is a status update every 48 hours.

Prior to this his background was in healthcare. A medical degree from Russia’s Saint Petersburg State Medical University in 1998 led to eight plus years of extensive clinical research for the FDA, managing development of generic drug trials across North America; he was appointed Senior Project Leader of a Canada-wide Interventional Cardiology trial in Toronto. His competence in identifying bias and data assessment are skills he now draws on as a mortgage agent in shielding his clients from deceptive marketing.

In 2014 Paramjit launched premium mortgage calculator for Android and Apple devices, a social app that allows him to connect more easily with clients. Dedicated to physical fitness, he runs and cycles regularly while indulging in the occasional winter dip in the frigid waters of Lake Ontario. He prides himself in having climbed the CN Tower in 17 minutes and partakes regularly in Russian sauna rituals!

As a FSCO licensed mortgage agent commissioned by the Mortgage Centre, Paramjit Girn works with a strong team of licensed experts in mortgage and real estate. He is fluent in Russian. Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.