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First Mortgages


First Mortgages


Did You Know 80% Home Owners Do Not Know how are their First Mortgages registered on Title of Their own property.


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This article is an attempts to clarify the fundamentals of first mortgages and their impacts on first time home buyers and home owners in Ontario.

To legalize the dead pledge, a lien, legal claim on a property is registered against the title of the property at land registry office. First, second or third mortgage signifies the priority status of the lender to claim a property in case of default. This means the lender who has registered first mortgage has the first right to take over a property irrespective of the amount owed.


Due to relative safety of the lenders money they tend to charge lower interest rates on mortgages. There are a lot more lenders beside major 5 banks, who compete for your mortgage business. They all offer very similar mortgage interest rates & what you may find strange is that some of these lenders are owned by the major Canadian banks.

First Mortgages – The Way To Go For Real Financial Freedom.

Whether you are a tenant or are in the business of accommodating tenants in your real estate, the most effective way to accomplish your goal to financial freedom is via mortgages. However you have to be smart about it. Due to recent credit crunch, it is evident that lenders have become very selective when approving loans, which has devastated many home buyers. We have designed a proprietary process called Mortgage PMS which allows us to offer your mortgage business to the lenders who prefer profiles similar to yours. This strategy drastically lowers the possibility of your application being rejected by the lender.

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Never think first mortgage to be just a huge loan

I personally believe, mortgages are the most critical factor of financial planning, retirement planning and last but not least debt free living in Ontario Canada. If you are looking for a mortgage for your home or next rental property in Toronto, Mississauga and surrounding area book Your Free Strategy Session to discuss and/or design a customized mortgage solution above and beyond just low interest rate.



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