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Why Mortgage?

To own your own home or to continue renting a place is a question we all have to face at some point in our lives. This article briefly talks about 3 reasons to why mortgage. Why one should leverage mortgage to own their own home instead of renting, sooner than later especially when mortgage rates are rising and stricter mortgage stress test is being implemented as of Jan 01, 2018.

The arena of Mortgage in Canada is getting complex than ever before. Lenders are having hard time staying in this competitive market and are hungry for a business but recent credit crunch has forced lenders to be extremely cautious. Mortgage lenders in Ontario only want to lend to the right mortgage seeker. Put your best foot forward.

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Why Mortgage in Ontario? – 3 Reasons

Get your rent back

Do you know, monthly rent payment is the most common reason for tenants to start looking for mortgage in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto & GTA areas.

When new immigrants land in Ontario Canada, on average they rent for 2-3 years & then own their own homes. The most common strategy for new immigrants and other residents is via mortgages in Ontario and all other provinces in Canada.

Once you are approved for a mortgage and house is closed, it’s like you start receiving your rent back. For those who plan it well, the monthly payment happens to be very close to the rent a family was paying.

Freedom of Choice

Can you relate to similar incidents? Tenant repainted the whole house and lived in it for one year. His job required to move to a different city and had to leave. Upon providing a notice, landlord asked tenant to repaint the interior to its original color...

When you own your home & pay mortgage on your house, you have an opportunity to transform a house into a customized living space, see your family grow and cherish those memories. When you out grow or decide to sell your house, you have no compulsion of bringing the house to older state. In fact all repairs & upgrading increase the value of your house & you sell it by making more profit.

Your Retirement Saving Plan- Powered by Mortgage in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton area

Case Study 1 - Michael and Lisa Cooks 49 and 45 year old married couple with 2 young kids, rented a 3 bedroom town house in Toronto, Ontario. Rent was $1500 plus utilities and always paid on time. Michael being a tradesman, always took care of little repairs in house. The reality strike very hard when landlord came and told them they have to vacate the property as he is down seizing and moving back into this house. Michael and Lisa were devastated by the news. They have been living in this house for last 8 years. That same evening, Lisa, out of curiosity decided to calculate total rent paid in last 8 years. You guessed it...

They realized how much money they lost to rent and let alone the increase in property value.

Feb10, 2015 is when they got the news. April 15, 2015 is when they moved in to their own home. Michael and Lisa were referred to me by a realtor Geraldine Pedrosa for a customized mortgage product where lender agreed to pay for the renovations upfront.

Once again by leveraging Mortgages in Ontario, as you live in your home and make mortgage payments you become asset rich. When you retire, you have no mortgage to pay.

Isn’t this part of a good retirement planning?

In a nut shell, the quicker you become a home owner the quicker you experience the freedom. On the other hand Mortgage in Ontario Canada is getting complex than ever before. Lenders are having hard time staying in this competitive market and are hungry for business but recent credit crunch has forced lenders to be extremely cautious. To further complicate OSFI is to implement stiffer Mortgage Stress Test for all borrowers irrespective of their down payments as of Jan 01, 2018. Lenders only want to mortgage to right borrowers in Ontario. Don’t be a causality instead come out winner. You are invited for a Free, No Obligation Strategy Session to get all your questions answered and win a free prize. Let’s Meet!