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paramjit s. girn

Mortgage Delivery Guy & team helps Ontario residents with real estate mortgages. Beside preparing the quality content we help you Leverage your Time & Banks Efficiently to Be Mortgage Free Quicker! Connect with Ontario licensed Mortgage Planners via 1-800-808-1613 for professional & effective Mortgage Planning & Credit Repair services


Parmjit's services are out of this world. Paramjit is Punctual, Professional, honest, Respond quickly, Reliable. I would like to recomend all of his services.



Mortgage Services

mortgage services

About Us: Mortgage Delivery Guy Paramjit S. Girn

Looking for a mortgage expert that stands out from the crowd? Everything about the Mortgage Delivery Guy is different than what you are used to from typical mortgage agents and brokers. Just like his daily cold showers in the morning and his occasional dip in the cold Ontario Lake,the Mortgage Delivery Guy takes a unique approach to life and the home mortgages!


mortgage planning
Mortgage Planning To pay off your mortgage quicker & pay least interest dollars in Ontario, plan your mortgages. Learn More...


rental property
Rental Property Mortgages Check out if you are ready to buy your rental property. Know what you need before starting. Read more...



credit repair
Credit Repair Services Bad credit is not a Sin.Not repairing Is.You will be surprised how easy it is to clean up your credit. Learn More...


non mortgage solution
Non Mortgage Solutions Yes That’s Right! Even when banks reject your mortgage we can still help you with your real estate. Learn More...