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Paramjit S. Girn

Welcome! Besides preparing quality content, we help Ontario residents leverage their time and banks money efficiently to make them mortgage free quicker. Having said that, allow me to invite you to meet our licensed mortgage expert for an eye opening, no obligation mortgage strategy session. Everyone who attends it, loves it. We are almost certain you will too.

Home Mortgage Planning

Smart home mortgage planning is essential to getting mortgage-free sooner, yet sadly, many are poorly educated on their options and rights. What you need is an ally – someone outside of a bank who can offer you personal attention in evaluating your profile, a review that must take into account the larger market forces at hand. Without a customized mortgage planner you may lack a good grasp on all the opportunities you might be eligible for and make yourself vulnerable to unsavory practices by institutions that do not have your best interests at heart.

Whether this is your first mortgage or nth mortgage, Mortgage Delivery Guy’s customized service helps you to zone in on strengths that increase your home equity as you strive to manage your debt. Prudence is critical to optimize any return on investment! Paying less interest is important, but banks tend to fixate on this far too much in their marketing campaigns. I will help you to integrate your short and long term financing goals with any mortgage decision you make, while helping to protect you from penalties that can hurt your future.

4 Critical Pillars of Mortgage Planning for Real Estate

  1. Canadian Real Estate is the only arena where banks fight for your mortgage business
  2. Canadian Mortgage is the best way to own real estate in Canada
  3. The most effective vehicle to create wealth for you and your family
  4. Finally! Canadian real estate and mortgages are the Safest in world

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The Mortgage Delivery Guy’s success lies in 4 beneficial factors.

Experience these benefits by working with me:

  1. Even if every lender rejects your application, I can still get you into your dream home.
  2. I reject lenders based on what mortgage product fits your needs.
  3. Your file is not sent to multiple lenders and hope something works, instead, I work on your case meticulously to match individual lenders for you
  4. You will receive status update every 48 hour on your mortgage application

The Mortgage Delivery Guy’s Difference – No Tricks, No Gimmicks, Just the truth

Mortgage Delivery Guy cautions all first time home buyers seeking mortgages.

I understand that it is easy to get carried away with the mortgage rate hype. The truth is that getting a mortgage is about more than just the mortgage rate.

Your mortgage interest rate strictly depends on 2 major factors:

  1. Your CID profile-Credit, Income and down payment
  2. Type of Mortgage product you apply for

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Mortgage Delivery Guy –Your Best Financing Option!