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If you are one of many whose bank has refused to help, you may consider non mortgage solutions such as joint ventures and rent-to-own. Banks can be notoriously rigid in protocol and scope, even with customers who have been with them for decades, so finding a conventional mortgage can be a real problem for prospective homeowners. Existing homeowners looking to refinance are often no better off. If your credit score is at all in question the road to freedom can be fraught with barricades.

Non mortgage solutions may well be the answer and luckily, Mortgage Delivery guy has plenty of experience. My two areas of specialty are:

Joint Ventures

Joint ventures can take many forms but generally speaking involve two parties who join forces to buy, build or reside together in a house. Perhaps one party has the down payment but not enough income, and they find someone who may have the income but not the down payment. Whatever the arrangement, a contract is signed and confirmed by lawyers, registered as caveat against the property – which means if one person wants to sell they cannot. Contract terms vary widely of course and are highly customized, but the bottom line is that it is a transparent way of doing business in a highly specialized market. Only sophisticated investors understand the complexities in strategic options.

Another possibility for joint ventures is for real estate investors looking to acquire multiple houses. After a while they may no longer qualify for loans due to insufficient funds, so will seek out other investors to go in on a deal with them.

Mortgage Delivery Guy has seen it all! If you are considering a Joint Venture, contact me for a consultation as I have plenty of helpful resources. I can help you set up an agreement that is viable, secure and in the long term, smart business!

Why Go With Me?

I speak from experience. I have my own history of joint venture partnerships and a string of successful clients. I understand the pitfalls and loopholes in the system very well and can foresee potential problems that someone without experience might miss.

Rent to Own Home

When Canadian banks reject your mortgage application it may be time to consider a rent-to-own property. Also called lease options or lease-to-own, this solution works for existing homeowners as well who are desperate to save their property but have been unable to obtain re-financing due to hardship. The long and short of it is, if banks have refused to help you, you may be a prime candidate for a rent-to-own mortgage solution. We can help you find an investor with the intent of one day buying back the house, allowing you time you need to deal with debt. When contract terms are met, your candidacy in the eyes of your bank is renewed.

In summary, rent-to-own mortgage solutions are best suited for:

  • People with sufficient income and down payment but credit score not fully there;
  • Those who have declared bankruptcy but have not yet been discharged;
  • Those with significant debt who have not yet declared bankruptcy but can agree to a payment plan;
  • Existing homeowners in financial hardship who need to re-finance.

Here’s how it works: Mortgage Delivery Guy will assign you to an affiliate realtor who finds you the property you are qualified for and that you like. Once you are approved, one of my investors will buy the property on your behalf. You will then be offered a legally-binding contract that clearly grants you the first right of refusal.

It may help to know that the investor cannot legally sell the property to anyone else until you refuse or default on payments. In a nutshell, this provides you the opportunity to live in a house without worrying about obtaining a mortgage you don’t currently qualify for. During your residence you make monthly payments to your investor, part of which goes toward your future down payment, and part of which goes to expenses such as property taxes. When the term is complete you will then have accumulated sufficient down payment, so you can purchase the house from the investor and remain in the house.

Why Go With Me?

I pre-qualify you upfront, enabling you to look for a property you actually like. Not everyone offers this. Realtors routinely scout out properties and hopeful homeowners get stuck with whatever is found because they aren’t informed of their rights.

I will go out of my way to establish terms that make you the best possible candidate for a mortgage when the contract is up. And I will never hook you in to an arrangement if I feel you won’t qualify for a mortgage when all is said and done.

Simply dial 1-800-808-1613 or CLICK HERE to schedule non mortage solutions meeting.

Non Mortgage Solutions
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