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Paramjit S. Girn

Welcome! Besides preparing quality content, we help Ontario residents leverage their time and banks money efficiently to make them mortgage free quicker. Having said that, allow me to invite you to meet our licensed mortgage expert for an eye opening, no obligation mortgage strategy session. Everyone who attends it, loves it. We are almost certain you will too.

Product and Services

Mortgage Delivery Guy offers other products and services as well, including:

  1. Purchase / Re-finance plus Improvement Mortgages

    I can help you buy or re-finance your home to allow for much-needed major or minor renovations or any construction that functions to increase the value of your home.

  2. Mortgage Re-financing

    Also known as a Home Equity Loan, a borrower can leverage their home as collateral in order to finance home repairs, medical bills or even a university education.

  3. Credit Maintenance

    I offer a unique and effective approach to debt consolidation that will help you maintain a healthy credit rating.

  4. Financial Planning

    Pre-position yourself for future financing needs or purchases, such as your next rental property, a new vehicle or a family vacation. I can assist in incorporating these into your budget without undue hardship.

  5. Syndicate Mortgages

    If you are looking for another investment alternative this may be an option to consider. Mortgage Delivery Guy specializes in this as well! A syndicate mortgage offers protection on your principal while paying you a rate of interest much more generous than anything you’d make on a GIC or mutual fund. Talk to me for more details!